Herbert Collado

ColladoA native New Yorker, Mr. Herbert Collado is a research analyst professional whose work has focused on non-profit education and social policy research. Mr. Collado has led numerous studies and co-authored the resulting published reports, evaluating programs designed to impact social services, housing, job-training and education, both within New York City and across the country. Mr. Collado has worked with various non-profit organizations and research firms, such as MDRC, the United Federation of Teachers and Prep for Prep.

In addition, Mr. Collado operates an independent business in which he markets essential services and life-enhancing health and wellness products. Mr. Collado earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences with a concentration in Sociology from New York University. He is a member of the Rock Church in Elmhurst, Queens. Mr. Collado is fluent in Spanish and is the father of two children.


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