The Charlie Project

The Charlie Project promotes a sustainable model for urban Lutheran schools through consulting with leaders developing new schools or revitalizing existing programs. The uniqueness of the Charlie Project comes through its development of the school as the center of a wider community development project. Through the Project, Lutheran school leaders will ensure that future generations of urban children and their families have access to strong, excellent and flourishing faith-based or faith-led schools. Schools implementing the Charlie Project model are independently operated.


  • Develop a Christ-centered educational model that serves urban children well, focused on service learning and vocation.
  • Identify financial models that support a long-term viable school.
  • Recruit, connect and retain inspired leaders to implement the model.

The Charlie Project is in the third implementation of four phases.

Charlie Project Phase II Report
June 2010

Charlie Project Overview
February 2010

Charlie Project Phase I Report
April 2010

The Charlie Project is funded in memory of Charles Gundelach, a businessman who cared deeply for children in our cities and believed in the role of Lutheran education in strengthening their lives and preparing them for the future.

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