It Would Never Happen Here

February 21, 2014, ELEA Pastors and Administrators Conference. View

“Reimagining Lutheran Education for the 21st Century:
Reaching the Community Through Effective After-School and Summer Programs”

On April 11-12, 2013, Wheat Ridge Ministries’ Center for Urban Education Ministries, in partnership with Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, hosted college representatives, educators, and funders from across the country. This two-day summit in St. Louis showcased models of successful after-school and summer programs in urban settings. View

Keynote Speech
“Education in the 21st Century: Change, The Future, You”

On August 13, 2012, Marlene Lund, former Executive Director of Wheat Ridge Ministries’ Center for Urban Education, delivered the keynote address at the Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation Networking Conference. View

Innovative Configurations
“Helping Faith-Based Universities and Urban Ministries Implement Effective Educational Practices”

On March 8—9, 2012, Wheat Ridge Ministries’ Center for Urban Education Ministries and Concordia University Wisconsin’s Urban Teacher’s Institute hosted a group of college representatives, urban educators and funders to showcase models of successful urban education and to foster possible partnerships between universities and schools. View

What if Learning

Marlene Lund attended the roll-out of a new website, which is open to all teachers to help them to connect pedagogy to their Christian faith. The site is free of charge and user friendly. View

The Pastor and the Lutheran School By Dr. Melvin M. Kieschnick

Lutheran schools and early childhood education centers currently face their greatest challenge and the possibility of their finest hour. The opportunity is there for these Lutheran organizations to bring to their sponsoring congregations and communities the gifts of quality age-appropriate Christian nurture, solid academic education and evangelistic outreach. A key factor determining whether or not the school will meet this challenge is whether or not the pastor is effective as a school leader. View

Best Practices in Urban Education Models

In May of 2011, 13 of the leading thinkers in urban education gathered to share their successes, recommendations and best practices in a summit hosted by the Wheat Ridge Center for Urban Education Ministries. The discussion covered diverse funding streams and curriculum, how to recruit and retain quality teachers, and other topics related to the future of sustainable urban schools. View

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